Dr. Jose B.

We have carried out more than 350 teeth-whitening procedures.

Dr. Jose has been doing teeth-whitening procedures for more than 15 years. Thanks to all this time, he has been able to develop a simple, quick and safe technique.


More than 40 years of experience in dentistry.

With highly predictable results, these years of experience have allowed him to test distinct whitening systems. 





CV Dr. José De Jesús Bermúdez Zenteno Born in the city of San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. Once finishing high school, he moved to Mexico City and in 1972 was accepted to study a degree in Dental Surgery in the National School of Dentistry of   UNAM (The National University of Mexico).Jose graduated in 1975 and thanks to the continual trust of his patients, has been practicing as a dentist for over 40 years.  

Jose was the founder of the College of Dental Surgeons in San Cristobal, affiliated to the Mexican Dental Association. He was president of this college between 1987 and 1989. From May 1998 to July 1999 he studied the specialty in Orthodontics at  he Center of Advanced Studies in Orthodontics. Over several years Jose received awards from the Institute of Quality and Prestige. At present, he continues practicing as a dentist  in the Salud Oral Dental Health Center x