The Cheapest Health Care!

Are you looking for dental treatment but find US prices are too high?

Do you want a wonderful relaxing holiday? Look no further than the wonderful city of San Cristóbal in the State of Chiapas in the south of Mexico. The Salud Oral clinic offers state of the art equipment and treatment and while you´re here, you can enjoy the colonial city full of beautiful old churches; restaurants with delicious food and museums that take you back to the time of the Maya.


To focus on your treatment first, let´s talk prices.

A root canal treatment that costs 833 dollars in the US, only costs 200 dollars at the Salud Oral clinic. Fitting a crown, that costs 1200 dollars in the US, only costs 460 dollars at Salud Oral, and with no corners cut on safety, hygiene or equipment standards. So what are you waiting for? With all the money you save on your treatment, why not treat yourself to a luxurious hotel suite and an all – inclusive tour to ancient Mayan ruins?

Tourist attractions

Talking of tourist attractions, whether you like souvenir shopping, salsa dancing, colonial architecture or just soaking up the atmosphere with an organic coffee, San Cristóbal has something for you. The city center is small enough to easily walk around and every street offers something interesting to look at. 


 So give your teeth, wallet and yourself a break with a holiday in San Cristóbal.

Let Salud Oral look after your dental health and afterwards, let the city welcome you to its many attractions. And all for a fraction of the cost of anything you can find in the US, while still offering quality, safety and efficiency. Book your flight  and APPOINTMENT NOW, we´ll be waiting to offer you an experience that will bring back your smile.


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