Dra. Anissia Isabel Fernández Sedas

A member of the American Association of Ortodonthics


Graduate from the most prestigious Mexican university, Universidad Nacional de México (UNAM).

  • Member of the Global Orthodontists´ Federation.
  • Speciality in orthodontics and maxilofacial orthopedics from the UNAM.
  • Member of the Mexican Orthodontists´ Academy.


Techniques and technology with maximum esthetics and comfort.

We use invisible techniques and the newest orthodontics technology.


Anissia Isabel Fernández Sedas was born in Villa Flores, Chiapas. During her bachelor degree training, she decided to apply for an academic Exchange scholarship to the UNAM and was accepted, meaning she studied the ninth semester of her degree in that prestigious university, and returned to the UNICACH to finish her degree, obtaining her qualification with honorable mention for her excellent academic performance. After one year of social service, she returned to Mexico´s most prestigious university (UNAM) for three years to specialize in orthodontics in the post-graduate department of the orthodontics faculty. At the moment, her private practice is dedicated exclusively to orthodontics and maxilo orthopedics.