When do I need a dental prosthesis?

✔︎ When you have lost one, severas, or all of your teeth

✔︎ When there are important chewing deficiencies.

✔︎ When your teeth are severely eroded.

✔︎ When moderate or severe gum loss is present.


Of course.  Through a diagnosis, based on x-rays, photographs, dental models, and a diagnostic wax-up, our patients can visualize the final result of their treatment even before a dentist has handled any teeth.

Comfort, Well-being, and Naturalness

The most important challenge in modern dentistry is to ensure that patients who use implants and dental prostheses feel that these prostheses are part of their body, that they can eat safely and comfortably, and that these prostheses have a natural and esthetic appearance.


Dental Procedure US PricesSalud Oral PreferredSAVINGSADA Code
Crowns, Veneers and Single Restorations
Temporary Crown.49570-86%D2799
100% Porcelain Crown CAD CAM technology. NCSD1200460-62%D2740
100% Porcelain Crown E-Max.1200420-65%D2740
Zirconia Crown CAD CAM technology. NCSD1500500-67%D2740
Metal-Porcelain Crown (high noble-metal).1266520-59%D2750
Metal-Porcelain Crown (base metal).1000380-62%D2751
Complete gold cast Crown 1320290-78%D2790
Metal-Porcelain crown with milling guide plane. (base metal).1000410-59%D2751
Porcelain veneer.1200470-61%D2962
Temporary veneer.77985-89%D2960
Fiber glass post and core build up381175-65%D2954

 8 Years of schooling in Europe

Doctor José Bermúdez studied in Spain, at the University of Barcelona and at the International University of Cataluña. Spain is one of the European countries with the highest number of dental implants. Doctor Pepe finished his studies in Einsiedeln, Switzerland.


17 Years of Experince

Even when placing a dental implant seemed to be a science fiction procedure, and there was no specialty in dental implants anywhere in the country, Dr. José Bermúdez was already placing dental implants in Chiapas, Mexico.


We have our own laboratory: 

The 97% of clinics and dentists in the world send dental restorations to be made in an external laboratory, thereby losing control over standards of materials as well as the elaboration process, making it impossible to tailor each case to the individual´s needs, as well as slowing down the elaboration process and corrections in dental prostheses.

At Salud Oral, we have been working with our own laboratory for more than 15 years, allowing us to obtain fast, precise and high-quality results with our dental restorations. 

Is it possible to have a dental prosthesis that is both functional and visually appealing?
Our efforts aim to provide functionality, comfort and an improved appearance to all our patients. Even in the most complicated and difficult cases, recent advances in material science and dental technology allow patients to regain their confidence and self-esteem.

These can be grouped into three groups: 

✔︎ Fixed prostheses.

✔︎ Removable prostheses.

✔︎ Complete prostheses (dentures).

Fixed prostheses are devices that replace one or several missing teeth. They are secured by using some of the teeth that are still present. 

Advantages of Fixed Prosthesis

✔︎ Fixed prostheses allow the patient to be confident when speaking, eating and laughing.

✔︎ Highly esthetic results, since these prostheses resemble natural teeth.

✔︎ A fixed prosthesis feels to the patient almost exactly like a normal tooth. 

✔︎ Because it is fixed, this kind of prosthesis remains firmly in place. 


Disadvantages of Fixed Prothesis

✔︎ Patients have to be very meticulous with their personal hygiene.

✔︎ The patient has to use special dental floss and toothbrushes. 

✔︎ A very high degree of precision involved with this type of treatment, requiring magnification and microscopy techniques.

✔︎ If any of the pillar teeth are damaged, it may be necessary to remove the prosthesis and repeat the procedure.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Removable Prosthesis:

Removable prostheses allow for the replacement of lost teeth and bland tissues such as gums. The prosthesis is retained by using dental hooks connected to several of the remaining teeth. The main characteristic of this type of prosthesis is that it can be inserted and removed when desired. It is also possible to substitute the visible clasps with less discernible and more visually attractive attachments. 


✔︎ Removable prostheses are greatly beneficial when a significant number of teeth and gums have been lost.

✔︎ Easy to maintain a satisfactory level of dental hygiene

✔︎ Ideal for those patients who, for different reasons, cannot use implants.

✔︎ Low cost when compared to other kinds of prostheses.

✔︎ Easy to carry out readjustments or repairs.



✔︎ These prostheses offer less retention and stability; therefore, patients may be less confident when speaking or eating. 

✔︎ The presence of metallic clasps can make your teeth less attractive

For patients without teeth, complete prostheses have traditionally been an option; and although these devices come with their own limitations, a complete denture that is properly integrated, both functionally and esthetically, can cover the majority of patients’ requirements.   

Dentures have the advantage of being relatively inexpensive, allowing for readjustments or repairs, and permitting for the addition of further implants. In addition, because there are no teeth inside the mouth, there barely any retention zones, making dentures a stable and safe option for certain patients.

50% of a treatment´s success is due to the recovery. 

Selecting a destination with a climate favorable to healing and recovery processes during dental treatments is key to a successful result. As you can imagine, climates that are too hot for example the beach are unfavorable to healing as they provoke more and longer-lasting swelling, and they oblige the patient to stay in their room, it not being recommended to go out in order to avoid being exposed to the sun and  high temperatures. 

Our clinic is located in a valley surrounded by mountains and evergreen forests, which allows us to enjoy an average temperature of 15 degrees centigrade, ideal for good healing processes. Being the most attractive colonial city in Mexico, full of pedestrian zones, magical hidden corners and cobbled streets, San Cristóbal de las Casas invites you to go on tours and walks not only in the city but also in the surroundings during the days of your dental treatment.  The food on offer is varied and delicious, and the concentration of cafes, design stores and proposals that mix modern and traditional will complete your journey and experience. 

Benefits of COLD weather

Placing a dental implant is a procedure that is easier in a cool climate than a hot one

Heat can produce inflammation, which slows healing, and can make you, the patient, feel less comfortable in a hotter climate than you would be in a colder one. 

Colonial jewel + agreeable weather

“The most magical of the pueblos mágicos of Mexico”

Almost all year round, the climate is temperate, allowing you to spend pleasant days and nights appreciating the artistic, cultural, and culinary life of what we consider to be the Colonial Jewel of Mexico.

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